Waitingin that still space,between the rising and waning,waxing and setting.Waitinguntil the heartbeat of the earthreaches up into her corewith its raucous, teeming, wild, ragged beauty;its roots crackingthe hard stonejust enoughfor her to begin softening intowhat wants to be bornin us,through us,and for us.Again.

Trusting the Knowing

Trusting the Knowing In the teeming forestthey standembodied in shadow,the ones who know,holding the wisdom of generationsthat is imprinted in my bones.They are intuition,myself, but not only myself;Love, Beauty, Sophia,They meet me in the quiet placeswhen I am stilland when I ask.May the blessing be thatnow and againI set aside my fears,I trust their voice,and …

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Bringing Forth Beauty

Bringing Forth Beauty Awakening,I standbetween the cocoon of the night,and the unfolding of the day,connected by my rootsto the vast aching beautythat is Creation herself.And while my rootshold me and nurture me,they also release meto see beyond myself,to see the blazing sunin the dying leaves falling to earth,feeding my roots,bringing fortha Beauty so brilliant,that in …

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