Trusting the Knowing

Trusting the Knowing

In the teeming forest
they stand
embodied in shadow,
the ones who know,
holding the wisdom of generations
that is imprinted in my bones.
They are intuition,
myself, but not only myself;
Love, Beauty, Sophia,
They meet me in the quiet places
when I am still
and when I ask.
May the blessing be that
now and again
I set aside my fears,
I trust their voice,
and I know.

2 thoughts on “Trusting the Knowing

  1. ednamariethomas

    Love, Beauty, Sophia – a Trinity of goddesses. I’m intrigued by the figure who is upside down and see her as playfulness (remembering hanging from monkey bars and tree limbs as a child). I wonder is she Sophia? The wisdom in looking at the world through a child’s eyes where in the world is a wonder is enticing.
    Thank you for this beautiful reflection.

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