About Mary

My journey in this sacred life has, like everyone’s, taken many twists and turns.  Once I started creating again at age 50, I have explored many different mediums starting with visual arts as that was what I studied in college. From mixed media to intuitive painting, to weaving, and now discovering I am a writer, it has all been a continuous revelation and wonderment.

I continue to find my life coming full circle, and when in read the book “The Way of the Rose” in March of 2020 I realized in a much deeper way my connection to the Earth and the Divine Mother.   She has led me to trust my intuition and my heart’s desire in a much fuller way that has led me to leaning into listening to the flowers and plants and discerning their messages. 

And so I started my blog, with my first blog post in August of 2020, and the inspiration and messages from nature and the flowers in particular continue to lead me forward!

My favorite painting teacher Chris Zydel of Creative Juices Arts always says:  “Follow the Juice!”  meaning follow what brings you the most joy and makes you feel the most alive.   I have found this to be very sound advice. 

My mixed media work has been juried into Tamarack – The Best of WV

I live in Charleston WV with my loving husband Dan of 33 years, and I love spending time in both the WV forests and the ocean at Anna Maria Island, FL. We have 2 sons, Chris and David and I retired in 2020 from co-owning a family insurance business with my husband.

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