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Mary Porter Kerns

Mary Porter Kerns is the author of The Flowers Are Speaking oracle cards. In addition to being a writer, she is an amateur naturalist, gardener, artist and weaver and devoted to The Lady, by any name you like to call Her. Most of all, she is a voice for the flowers. She loves teaching others to communicate with flowers using their own senses and intuition. She is retired from a family insurance agency and while being in the business world for over 30 years taught her many things, it mostly taught her how desperately she loves the natural world. Her heart’s desire is to experience the wild aliveness and deep sentience of all the non-human world and share it with others.

She self-published the first edition of The Flowers Are Speaking oracle cards in the fall of 2022.

She is actively writing a book by the same name- The Flowers Are Speaking: The Oldest Love Story in the World. We are who we are because the flowers fell in love with us.

Receiving Guidance from the Flowers is a workshop that she will soon be offering.

Mary actively posts to her Substack blog where she shares her latest writing as she crafts her book. She would be honored if you followed her here:  https://maryporterkerns.substack.com/

She calls Charleston, West Virginia home, and has for most of her life, living there with her family. The mountains, rivers and wildflowers of Appalachia make her heart sing and dance, as well as weep, for all they have been through.

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