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Welcome to the home of Mary Porter Kerns and The Flowers Are Speaking!

Arising from the heart of the dirt they are born of, The Flowers Are Speaking oracle cards bring us the forgotten wisdom of our Mother Earth to guide us back to trusting our own intuition.

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  • Magnolia’s Journey Out of Deep Time
    This is a rather long essay, part of my upcoming book about our Million Year Love Story with Flowers. Settle in with a cuppa, and I hope you enjoy this forage through … Read more
  • The Rhododendron’s Dance
    Their Ancient Song On a late July hike in the Appalachian Mountains, I was suddenly surrounded by an explosion of white blossoms on 15-foot-high bushes, and the air around me became so … Read more
  • Born of Fire
    Every time I think about how plants eat sunlight, I am transported out of my animal-body understanding of the world; and become more aware of the plants’ completely different way of living … Read more
  • The Sunflower’s Journey
    A six-part story honoring the Sunflower’s journey through birth, death, and rebirth. Part One: Glory in the Garden Watching the blue jays stuff their throat pouch with the seeds from the weighty … Read more
  • Dandelion Dreaming
    As a small child, I thought everyone laid on the grass with their dad in the yard to watch the clouds. I can remember feeling so special laying side by side with … Read more


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